Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hawk and Jasper. New HT for father and son

I know I all but abandoned the blogs. But now I have blogger mobile so I hope it will be easier to update.  Probably easier to have typos too.

Hawk and his son Jasper met near St. Louis at the end of April to give herding trials a try. Both were entered in HT for the first time.

The weather was less than perfect (the dogs didn't seem to mind), but the test sheep were great and we gave it a whirl.

I'm proud to say that Jasper and Amanda and Hawk and I made it through both days with very acceptable runs. So both Hawk and Jasper now have an HT behind their names!

Hawk now qualifies for the VSV versatility award from the parent club. He just needs to get his mom to go on and fill out the paperwork!

I'm hoping to have Hawk ready to attempt PT this fall. Just depends how many lessons we can get to!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Matilda and Rylee, 4 Months

Rylee (left) and Matilda (right) are growing into lovely little ladies. At four months old, it's becoming clear to me that Hawk continues to produce beautiful puppies with correct fronts, proper substance, and outstanding breed type. I think it was a nice combination between Darby and Hawk, they complement each other well, and the girls have some of the best qualities from each. Trying on coats at Jen's house. The pups did not object the way I thought they would!

And now for the baby showdog photos.





Really loving these girls. A Lot.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Vallpups Outside

Some photos of the 6 week old Vallbabies enjoying the beautiful fall weather on Saturday. They are getting cuter and sassier every day. They even like to chase after the cardipups. :-)

Friday, September 30, 2011


Vallbabies are here. :-) I'm a bad blogger, and slow to post here, but Hawk and Darby are proud parents of puppies born August 30. The puppies are so cute, and they are becoming active little buggers at 4 weeks old. Fun with real food, toys, wrestling, and wagging are the favorite activies these days.

Some photos from tonight, after a belly full of goat milk puppy food.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hawk's Herding Lesson!

Hawk had his first herding lesson today, aside from about 3 minutes in thick mud once this spring, he hasn't been in with sheep since just after I got him back in 2005. I had a great time seeing him light up and get to work. He did bite his tongue (it was already almost 90 degrees at 9am, so the tongue was flapping all over!), but he's fine. :-)