Monday, July 19, 2010

What is SHE doing here?

Look, it's Olive on the Vallhund blog! Hi Olive!!!

Olive gets to visit the Vallhund blog because she's now part of the Vallhund extended family. On Saturday, we drove to Indiana to meet with Loki and his mom and dad, Liz and Anthony. Olive decided she liked it there, and she's joined their family. Here she is, giving a guided tour of her new back yard to Hawk, Jazz, and Brecon, with Loki following up behind the tour. And here's a sweet photo Liz sent from yesterday, Loki and Olive spending some time together on the sofa.

I have lots of photos to share of the double event, the reunion of Hawk, Loki, and Jazz, and the transition for Olive to her new family. Stay tuned for the photos, I'll share them as soon as I get them uploaded.
I already miss Olive terribly, but somehow, I don't think that she misses me. :-)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hawkdaddy-His Yearlings

I am so happy to be connected to many of the Hawk puppy families. Since I'm just the "sire owner" it has been lovely to get to know and meet so many of the people and their Vallhund kids.

Now that the Hawk x Mele pups are a year old, I thought I'd post the most recent photos I have to share.

First up is Acorn, Hawk's daughter. I haven't gotten lots of photos of her this year, but Linda was kind enough to share some from Acorn's first/second shows in late May. Hello, beautiful! I see Hawk in that sweet face and expression.
Next, we had a reunion of sorts in Flagstaff, although Jazz and Kash are the only two of the bunch who have ever met each other before. :-P

I'm pretty sure the scene went something like, "Hi Doreen, lovely to meet you, can you please hold a dog, or two, or three?" Here is Doreen with (L-R) Kash, Hawk, and Jazz. I'm wondering if it would ever be possible that they all three look the same direction? Probably not! It was great to meet Kash in person. He was completely out of coat, but there was no mistaking his sound and pretty structure without hair to hide anything. :-)
I really enjoyed meeting Stephanie and Doreen also (photos taken by Stephanie). It had nothing to do with Stephanie's opinion that Hawk was the most beautiful Vallhund. Really. I'm so glad Kash found a home with such capable ladies as Stephanie and Doreen to drive his RV around to the destinations of his choosing. Thanks ladies, I'm so glad you could motor up to Flagstaff so we could attempt the family portrait!.
Oh dear, snort alert! Kash (AKA Destroyer of Toys) was NOT happy about the whole birthday hat idea. And sadly, I totally see his daddy's eyes in this photo! Kash, you still look so handsome, even while you pout!

Not to be outdone by his brother, here's Loki. What a happy (he's probably thankful nobody stuck a hat on him!), and handsome, boy he is too! I'm very excited that I get to meet Loki, his humans, his Pembroke, and his kitties this weekend! Can't wait, and will have much more to report about that later.. In this photo, Loki could nearly be a mirror image of Hawk.

Oh, and then there's this squinty character, you might have heard a thing or two about Jasper, AKA Jazz. He and Syd are currently perfecting their Synchronized Aframe routine, soon to be seen on Syd's blog sometime this week ...

In the next post, I will have updates from the younger litter, the Hawk x Nikita puppies who are growing along nicely at just over 8 months old.

Overall, I'm so pleased with what Hawk is producing with puppies from three very different bitches (can't forget Frankie the singleton!). The pups appear to be very consistent, with beautiful fronts, lovely bone and substance, and IMO, lovely breed type. And of course, I love to see so much of Hawk in their heads and expressions. I can't wait to see how these kids continue to grow on and mature.