Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hawk and Jasper. New HT for father and son

I know I all but abandoned the blogs. But now I have blogger mobile so I hope it will be easier to update.  Probably easier to have typos too.

Hawk and his son Jasper met near St. Louis at the end of April to give herding trials a try. Both were entered in HT for the first time.

The weather was less than perfect (the dogs didn't seem to mind), but the test sheep were great and we gave it a whirl.

I'm proud to say that Jasper and Amanda and Hawk and I made it through both days with very acceptable runs. So both Hawk and Jasper now have an HT behind their names!

Hawk now qualifies for the VSV versatility award from the parent club. He just needs to get his mom to go on and fill out the paperwork!

I'm hoping to have Hawk ready to attempt PT this fall. Just depends how many lessons we can get to!