Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dear Daddy Hawk...

I found this email in my inbox this afternoon, with the subject "Dear Daddy Hawk."

a preface from Cheryl-
Frankie doesn't know the show was last month. He thinks it will be live. Just go along with it.

Dear Daddy Hawk,

Mom said I can stay up late tonite to watch you on TV...I tolt eberyone in da naborhood to watch you too. Mom says you won't be able to hear me, but I will be cheering for you to win..My dad is a movie star.

Luv, Frankie

Sunday, January 18, 2009

MY A-Frame

So, yesterday my mom left in the middle of the afternoon, and she didn't say where she was going. Then she and Mr. Don drove up with this trailer-thing, and a big blue and yellow thingy on the trailer. All us dogs started barking, cuz we were mad that we got stuck in the house while the humans were clanking around in our backyard.

Pretty soon, Mr. Don drove away with the trailer and mom let all of us out in the yard.

WOWEE! I didn't know what that blue thingy was when it was sideways on the trailer, but now I know it's my very own A-Frame! I know, Mom says it's for me *and* for Syd, but I think it's really just for me. So, I climb to the top, and then I can look around and see lots more stuff than I could see from the ground. So, I kind of like to hog the A-Frame. But then, when the Big Man climbs up and sits at the top, well, it's time for me to go! Mom lets the chains out almost all the way so it's not very steep. She said she doesn't want anyone to get hurt, and then she reminded me that Miss Sherri would kill her if I hurt myself before I get back to work with Miss Sherri in February! So, we will just keep this secret and maybe not mention it to her.
I can't wait til I get to go back to agility classes, mom took me last weekend, and I remembered everything. I was really excited to go have fun. Now I just have to wait for March to get back to a real class, when Sydney moves up to the next class, I can get back to it! There's no photo opportunity with Syd on the A-Frame, because she's up and over and racing through the yard in the blink of the eye.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Making Up for the Elvis Photo

OK, so I'm trying to make it up to Hawk for the Elvis photo. My friend Lori takes direction well when I manuever the dog. First thing I ask her, sooo sweetly, is, "Um, would you be interested at ALL in getting down on his level in the wet, muddy grass to get a better angle?" Or, "Hey, that rock looks good, could you climb over to the other side so the light will be better?" Well, that one didn't go over so well, but she's a good friend and when I called her this morning and asked her to bring her camera to work with her, she obliged. :-)

We have a lovely trail behind our office building, with three ponds, two waterfalls, and a nice asphalt path that makes about a 1/2 mile circle. This time of year, we also have lots of geese that rest in one of the big fields in the middle of the trail circle. Unfortunately, that means they leave lots of, uh, stuff behind. Hawk had a serious refresher course in "LEAVE IT" this afternoon.

And well, just because I am who I am...

Thank ya, Thank ya very much

OK, so I'm a terrrible mother. I just gush over how pretty and special my Hawkadoodle is, and how he's done great out showing, and is a handsome, sophisticated guy. And then, well, then I go and ruin everything by posting this...
Complete with sideburns and chest hair, I think perhaps Hawk misunderstood when I called him The King of the house. I have to say, the dog is a great sport! Mel brought that for the dogs last weekend, and Hawk's the only doggie who can barely squeeze into the Elvis Suit.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 - A Good Year for the Hawk Man

2008 was a great year for Hawk. I never would have expected my first Swedish Vallhund to be so successful in the show ring, so wonderful with the rest of the dogs in my home, and basically the perfect dog for the family. I still remember the first time I saw him, I just couldn't stop looking at him. And I didn't even know he was available! Then my nervousness when I decided to take him, WHAT was I doing??? Now I laugh, because Hawk walked in the front door that cold November day in 2005, and he acted like he'd lived here forever. Thanks to Bonnie for letting him come home with me, even if I do live in Missouri. ;-P

Hawk finishes 2008 ranked as the #1 Swedish Vallhund. He finished the year with a Best of Breed win at Eukanuba, and the photo came in the mail this week. It is always thrilling to see Hawk in the ring with Sherri. She just brings out his best, and it looks like Hawk just tries so hard to make Sherri proud of him. What more can I ask for? They made quite a team in 2008, and I know Hawk will be excited to see Sherri again in February.

I also finally got one of Hawk's 2008 Group Placement photos scanned in. I'm just a little behind in getting these things done! I'm pretty sure this was from sometime in October.
Hawk also sired his first "litter," even though Bitsy sadly resorbed all but one puppy. The one puppy had enough personality for an entire Litter, and we are so happy that Frankie arrived safely, and he's growing up so well. He's beautiful, sweet, busy, and happy, all at the same time.

2009 is going to be much quieter for Hawk, and he's going to be at home supervising all Corgi play. It's a very important job, and he was sorely missed during the months he lived with Sherri in Texas!