Sunday, January 18, 2009

MY A-Frame

So, yesterday my mom left in the middle of the afternoon, and she didn't say where she was going. Then she and Mr. Don drove up with this trailer-thing, and a big blue and yellow thingy on the trailer. All us dogs started barking, cuz we were mad that we got stuck in the house while the humans were clanking around in our backyard.

Pretty soon, Mr. Don drove away with the trailer and mom let all of us out in the yard.

WOWEE! I didn't know what that blue thingy was when it was sideways on the trailer, but now I know it's my very own A-Frame! I know, Mom says it's for me *and* for Syd, but I think it's really just for me. So, I climb to the top, and then I can look around and see lots more stuff than I could see from the ground. So, I kind of like to hog the A-Frame. But then, when the Big Man climbs up and sits at the top, well, it's time for me to go! Mom lets the chains out almost all the way so it's not very steep. She said she doesn't want anyone to get hurt, and then she reminded me that Miss Sherri would kill her if I hurt myself before I get back to work with Miss Sherri in February! So, we will just keep this secret and maybe not mention it to her.
I can't wait til I get to go back to agility classes, mom took me last weekend, and I remembered everything. I was really excited to go have fun. Now I just have to wait for March to get back to a real class, when Sydney moves up to the next class, I can get back to it! There's no photo opportunity with Syd on the A-Frame, because she's up and over and racing through the yard in the blink of the eye.


penni said...

What a great present for the furry kids! We're eagerly waiting for the end of April to get serious about some of that "destructive" agility and obedience. We're also trying to avoid the wrath of Ms. Sherri!

ocmist said...

Mom just watched you tonight on Eukanuba 2009 (?) I guess. Sorry to see you go down, but I DO like Pembrokes as that is my breed, so I did have to do a bit of a dance when Mom called us to let us know about Carley's win in the herding group(we don't have cable). It would have been nice if you had tied or something... You ARE a true stud muffin!!! It's just January, though, so I'm sure you'll do great the rest of the year! (I don't understand much about showing...)

Mom said that she was rooting for both of you, and so glad to tell her grand-daughters that she reads your blog a lot.