Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dear Daddy Hawk...

I found this email in my inbox this afternoon, with the subject "Dear Daddy Hawk."

a preface from Cheryl-
Frankie doesn't know the show was last month. He thinks it will be live. Just go along with it.

Dear Daddy Hawk,

Mom said I can stay up late tonite to watch you on TV...I tolt eberyone in da naborhood to watch you too. Mom says you won't be able to hear me, but I will be cheering for you to win..My dad is a movie star.

Luv, Frankie


coopercreek said...

oh shoot! I forgot it was on tonight. I'll have to catch the rerun.

coopercreek said...

I just turned it on Animal Planet and the herding group is on right now!! Yea! There's Hawk.