Friday, January 8, 2010

Diversity Training

Here at the Hurrikane Headquarters, we value diversity. We like to instill a strong sense of diversity in our children. We value multi-cultural interaction and sharing. We want our kids to grow up understanding and valuing those with a different heritage than their own...

All the youngsters gather around for their first Swedish lesson.

One on one tutoring in the fine art of Scandinavian face and ear cleaning is also very important...
I have, however, put a strict gag-order on any sharing from Team Sweden to Team Wales about tails. I have told Hawk that if I *ever* hear him trying to give the Cardigan puppies a lesson in how to hold your tail up and curl it, that'll be the end of diversity training, immediately. ;-P
Now that Darby is over a year old, she's certified as a diversity interaction associate. When all else fails, and you can't break the Welsh-Swedish language barrier...
just sit on the Welsh girl.
Hmm, this seems like the right thing to do.

YIPE! She just bit me!