Monday, December 15, 2008

"Welcome to The Big Show"

Another "Proud Mom" moment today. Hawk won Best of Breed at the Eukanuba National Championship dog show in Long Beach, California. Sherri Hurst handles Hawk, and she shows him so well. Thanks to Susan Line for getting Hawk started in the breed ring while Sherri finished showing her Cattle Dog! Hawk loves Miss Susan.

Tonight, we went to cheer for Hawk in the group competition. These photos are about as good as I was gonna get from the stands in the dark arena. But here are a few shots from Hawk's debut in the Herding Group at the Eukanuba National Championship. The group competition will air on Animal Planet sometime in January.

If you squint, the photos may not seem so blurry. ;-)
First, Hawk had Miss Sherri and Miss Lauren do the final touches getting his coat just right.

Then the show was on...

And tonight, the big super star is totally sacked out on MY pillow at the hotel, snoring. He's so sophisticated!