Saturday, September 19, 2009

How'd You Get So Handsome?

The Hawklet's mom and dad. On the left, Caval's Mele. We think she's a pretty girl. And on the right, a familiar character, The Hawk-a-doodle.

So I ask, how can this little munchkin NOT be a cutie?

Friday, September 18, 2009

He's a Genius!

So The Hawklet has no name, but he's a genius already, at 12 weeks old. Tonight I decided it was time to start some training. Since I skipped the dog shows with Syd, this is kind of like a "free weekend" and I thought it would be good to see what kind of brain the little guy has!

I did about 10 click/treat to help him understand that the click means good things. Then I put a treat in the clicker hand, and c/t when he touched my hand. That was it, then we were off for the real test.

Here is the first video, of the first time we practiced TOUCH. Notice the moment the Light Bulb goes off and he figures out how to get the cookie (which is really a piece of kibble). :-)

Now in the second video, 30 seconds later, it's clear that the puppy is a genius, and he is training for Speed Touch competition.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

No Fear

The Princess and her new prey! Darby is sleeping well at night, that's for sure! She's always in demand, either to play with one of her Cardigan sisters, or to keep the Hawklet occupied! Hawklet loves big sis Darby. But shouldn't he have at least a little bit of fear or hesitation before he launches himself up the Aframe???

I guess he does have a good role model.

I think Darby might not be so pleased about Hawklet learning her special trick so quickly.

And now, just to give the Princess her due time, I present Baby Show Dog herownself, now 9 months old and loving retirement ...
"Have I ever told you how pretty I am?" (said in a Southern drawl, name that movie)
Perched in her favorite place on top of the Aframe.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Yes, it's blurry, if that's any indication of the speed of Vallhund Puppy Play. In a word, Darby is "EXHAUSTED!"
Baby Hawklet walked right in the door and acts like he's lived here forever. Above all, I'm so pleased to see Hawk's stellar temperament shine through in this puppy. Baby Frankie was the same way, and I was hoping it wasn't just a fluke! The puppy is already trying to wrestle with the cat, he's in love with Big Nick (what a puppy magnet the big dog is!), and he's gathered up all the toys in the house. Oh boy, I think Darby may have met her match! I hope he wants to sleep tonight!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

News From The Road

From Kathy last night:
"Mr. Puppy is a three ring circus. He's curious about his surroundings, doesn't display any exaggerated startle response. He found his reflection in the floor length mirror on the outside of the bathroom door. He seemed to think that puppy in the glass was quite interesting - oh and he found his tail. Molly has tried to herd him or something. She follows him around the room like she needs to make sure he doesn't do something wrong. He nearly toppled the bathroom trash can, put his front paws up on the edge of the bathtub, grabbed a rawhide chewie that Margaret's Badger had left out and drug it halfway across the room. He got some attention from a couple of Millie's clients who came to pick up their dogs this afternoon. Hesitant to come out of the crate, but once out excited and happy with his surroundings.
That's tonight's update....have to get to bed so we can leave in the morning. More from wherever we stop for the night.
PS He's so darn cute."

And a short note this morning, titled "A Climber Too:"

"I had my back turned to pack some things a few minutes ago and when I turned back Mr. Puppy was nearly on top of his own crate!
At The Picnic, each dog was given a goody bag with lots of toys, treats, bandanas, etc. So, I pulled out a couple of the smaller toys and puppy is having a ball with a little vinyl sheep, a yellow plush snail and another toy-canvas on one side, fleece on the other.
Pictures tonight.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

He's getting closer...

Hawk Junior has changed hands, and is one step closer to Kansas City. His breeder handed him off to Kathy this morning, and she'll be playing with him today. His itenerary includes a very special visit to "Kallista" Pembrokes, where he will have a fun time in a big puppy yard while Kathy visits with Millie and crew.

Tomorrow, it's Wagons West for the crew, heading back toward Missouri. I believe the puppy will arrive on Thursday.

Kathy's report is that he came right out of his crate wagging and giving kisses, with no apparent fear of his new surroundings. whew! That was great news to start off the morning.

And I think I could just squeeze that fat back leg sticking out to the side in the first picture, it's so cute .

I can't wait to meet the little guy. I might be imagining, but for some reason, he reminds me a bit of his dad in these photos. I'm sure Darby will have lots of information to share with him while she shows him the ropes around the house! Kathy snapped a few candid shots of Baby Boy Vallhund this morning at the hotel (accompanied by the lovely Molly).