Thursday, September 10, 2009


Yes, it's blurry, if that's any indication of the speed of Vallhund Puppy Play. In a word, Darby is "EXHAUSTED!"
Baby Hawklet walked right in the door and acts like he's lived here forever. Above all, I'm so pleased to see Hawk's stellar temperament shine through in this puppy. Baby Frankie was the same way, and I was hoping it wasn't just a fluke! The puppy is already trying to wrestle with the cat, he's in love with Big Nick (what a puppy magnet the big dog is!), and he's gathered up all the toys in the house. Oh boy, I think Darby may have met her match! I hope he wants to sleep tonight!


Lybertygirl said...

He is sooooo cute!!!! Darby needs someone to keep up with!

ocmist said...

What an adorable little guy that Hawklet is! Sorry we haven't been over here lately. We've been pretty busy with out own pups. Dott had 4 of them almost 4 weeks ago now.

Looks like Hawk sires some beautiful babies!!! OC