Sunday, September 13, 2009

No Fear

The Princess and her new prey! Darby is sleeping well at night, that's for sure! She's always in demand, either to play with one of her Cardigan sisters, or to keep the Hawklet occupied! Hawklet loves big sis Darby. But shouldn't he have at least a little bit of fear or hesitation before he launches himself up the Aframe???

I guess he does have a good role model.

I think Darby might not be so pleased about Hawklet learning her special trick so quickly.

And now, just to give the Princess her due time, I present Baby Show Dog herownself, now 9 months old and loving retirement ...
"Have I ever told you how pretty I am?" (said in a Southern drawl, name that movie)
Perched in her favorite place on top of the Aframe.

1 comment:

ocmist said...

Darby is one GORGEOUS girl!!! Looks like she will be keeping the little Hawklet busy and maybe they will both tire themselves out and sleep well.

That is really neat that the little guy will learn from his big sister, too! OC