Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Big Yellow Envelope

I finally made it home, and my neighbor brought me all my mail. I haven't even sorted through it all yet, but I did find a big yellow envelope in the stack. It's another first for Hawk. Last year, it was his first invite to Eukanuba. I remember how exciting that was and even getting the invite this year for Eukanuba was a thrill. And this year, currently ranked as the #1 Swedish Vallhund, Hawk earned his first invitation to Westminster. While I did show him some this year, and together we earned about 1/8th of his total breed points, I have to give credit where credit is due.

First, Hawk is a handsome dude (not that I'm biased), and of course his outstanding breed type, balanced structure, his exuberance, and his showy attitude have taken him a long way this year. However, this has been a very hectic year for me with my job, and there was no way I could travel to dog shows the way I did last year. So, for small blocks of time throughout this year, Sherri Hurst has been Hawk's handler, groomer, and best friend. She has been a very good sport about having Hawk sporadically, and every time she takes him in the ring, she is dedicated to my dog. Hawk adores Sherri, and I know that he's very happy when he is with her. I can tell, because when I have the chance to catch up with my dog at a show, he is happy to see me, but he is definitely more interested in Sherri. I try to tell myself it's because she's got a pocket full of liver. Ha! I know that Hawk would never be so devoted and loyal to Sherri if he did not love being with her. He is buddies with all of her dogs, and Lauren tells me that Hawk thinks *all* the other dogs at Sherri's are *HIS* dogs. :-) That doesn't surprise me a bit and I'm pretty sure that Pearl the Pembroke is sweet on Hawk.

So, thank you to Sherri, Lauren (Hawk might love Lauren even a bit more than he loves Sherri), Susan (who showed him perfectly in the Herding Group several times), and David (for putting up with the little yapper and showing him to one of his group placements) for your team effort in showing Hawk for part of 2008. And to our friend Don, who showed Hawk to his very first group placement in January, and who has shown Hawk on several occasions right from the start, we are also grateful. Whether or not Hawk gets to go to Westminster in February, I'm proud to say the "Tailed Vallhund" is mine.


Lisa said...

Congratulations! I know the thrill of thet Eukanuba invitation arriving but I can only imagine what seeing that Westminster envelope is like. We'll cheer for Hawk in February at The Garden!

coopercreek said...

Yea!!!!!! We're thrilled! Big hugs and slobbers to the Hawkster from me and the Coopster. AWESOME JOB TEAM HAWK! Congratulations to you, Sarah! Let me know when your feet touch the floor.

Hugs, Wags, Woofs and Slobbers,
Laura, Cooper and Carly

coopercreek said...

I also wanted to say that I'm so proud of you, Sarah, for your belief and dedication to your dog, and how you don't let *certain* people stand in the way of your dream or get you down. Hawk is such an awesome dog in every way, especially in conformation and temperament. He's got a lot of fans out there, and I'm definitely one.

dreameyce said...

WOO HOO! Big congrats!!

I assume you're on cloud 9 right now? I know I'd be ecstatic!!

I hope he not only goes, but he wins breed so I can cheer for him on the big screen at our local movie theater ;) (YES! A local theater runs Westminster nights live, with dinner!)

Melissa said...

We are so proud for you and all The Hawk Crew!!!!!

Stacy & Melissa

Sherilyn said...

Congratulations!! How exciting! We will be watching and cheering for our favoritie Vall! :)

Hugs to all,

Bev & Bailey said...

Sarah and Hawk, congratulations! I'm so happy I came across your blog, and I will look forward to watching/rooting for Hawk at the Eukanuba National! Good job!

penni said...

I'm a little behind in reading your Hawk blog -- but the congratulations are still Huge (late, but huge). I hope he's able to go to the big apple and to take it over.