Sunday, March 1, 2009

5 Inches of Snow

Yay... another snow storm. The dogs love it, but all I can think about is the inevitable mud when the temps hit 70 next week.
"Look at ME, Uncle Kane. I can run fast too!"
"Is there something on my nose? I can't see it but I know something's there!"
"Wait for me!"


Sherilyn said...

Oh, too cute!!! :) I do agree with you on the melting snow...yuck! Our back yard is a mud pit! We got about an inch of snow Friday night and that helps for a couple days, but dreading the middle of the week.

So when do we find out the details on the newest baby?? She's adorable! :) Are you bringing her to Columbia next weekend? (hint, hint!) ;)

penni said...

What fun -- but I remember the thaws from living in the midwest. Mud everywhere!

Melissa said...

We loved the almost 6 inches of snow we got! It is still hanging around in the shady places today. It was much better than the ice a month ago!!!