Saturday, April 25, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Um, thanks Garrett. Darby was tagged with the Honest Scrap Award. She has to tell 10 truths. This should be good for a 4 month old puppy. And here's Darby...

1. I'm cute and I know it. I like being the center of attention.

2. I think I could beat anydog in an eating contest.

3. I really like my Cardigan brothers and sisters, but my Uncle Nick belongs to me. I own him, and he loves it.

4. Sometimes, just because I'm little, I still have to wake mom up in the night. But usually by the time I wake her up, I have to 'pologize cuz I couldn't wait.

5. I am the undefeated, blue-corgi wrestling champion of the world.

6. I like to pretend I'm a cat, and walk around and through mom's feet, and stop right in front of her to hear her curse and see her dance around. She says she's trying not to squash me, but I think it's funny.

7. I love to drag things around the house. The bigger the better. My favorite is trying to pull a big square dog bed through the cat door of the baby gate. So far, I haven't made it happen, but I'm determined.

8. I didn't used to like meeting new people because I was scared. But now I just can't help myself from running up to people and jumping up to get their attention. I like the new me!

9. At night, I'm kind of a 'fraidy dog when mom takes me on a walk. Last night I jumped straight in the air when a big stick jumped out of the dark in the front yard. I tried to pretend I knew it was just a stick so nobody would laugh at me.

10. The tenth truth I'm here to tell you today, well, it's absolutely, positively the honest truth. You know that sleeping bag that mom hung out on the line to dry? Well, I had NOTHIN' to do with it. I'm telling you I absolutely did NOT pull it off the line, drag it around the yard in the dirt, and then methodically pull all the stuffing out. No. I. Did. Not. It must have been one of the dumb corgis. I keep telling mom that I was trying to HELP, and put the stuffing back IN the sleeping bag. THE END


dreameyce said...

Oh good girl Darby! I'm glad you were working so hard to put the stuffing back! We know you wouldn't do that, damn fox-tailed things!

ocmist said...

Of course you didn't pull that stuffing out... just like I didn't destroy my new squeaky by de-stuffing it... BG