Friday, July 25, 2008

Eyes Wide Open!

For your "Awww"ing pleasure... may I introduce Beidelyn's One For The Money. Call name to be determined, suggestions welcomed! He's two weeks old today, and his eyes have been open for a few days now. He looks so different, it's amazing to me how the color changes in this breed. They are born dark, then get super light, then darken back up as they mature.

I've been waiting for photos that show the little pupster looking like a real dog!

And here, a sweet moment with his momma...


Dawn said...

Perhaps Cash would be a good call name? Whatever you choose, he is a darling.

Sarah said...

I think so too Dawn. Cheryl mentioned it right away, and the only hesitation I have is that my sister has a dog named Cash, so it just seems weird to name another dog "in the family" Cash. But it's really perfect, I agree.