Thursday, July 31, 2008

He's a Real Dog Now

The little man at three weeks old. He's looking more like a real dog, and less like a speed bump! It's amazing how fast he is growing, when I don't see him every day, and rely on photos every now and then to see the little bugger.

The good news is that I've already got my plane ticket to Florida in September, and the little man (STILL without a call name) will be coming home to Kansas City with me. At least for a while. :-)


Cindy said...

Okay, you asked for a money related call name suggestion and here's the first thing that came to mind--Spender. Considering how much time and $$ you put into making sure he's here today, sounds a little appropriate. And having been there, done that, he's not done spending all your hard earn cash either.

Good luck with him!


dreameyce said...

OH! I loooove that little white CHIN! Oh my! I can't wait for video of the little speed demon once he's at your place!