Wednesday, October 7, 2009

All in the Family- Kash and Seti and Acorn

Fun stuff today! We have made contact with some of the other Hawklets! Two of the baby brothers are on opposite sides of the country, and both are absolute cutie pies! And sister Acorn lives in Canada.

First, we have Kash (Caval's Loose Change). He lives in Arizona, and he lives with another Vallhund big sister, 12 1/2 year old Sage.Isn't he a doll??? He has started some clicker training, and his mom hopes he may be a good service dog with training. He really likes his older sister Sage, and follows right behind her on their walks. We are hopeful that Kash will have a family reunion with us in Flagstaff next June when the Vallhunds head to Arizona!

The next brother is Seti, short for Forseti (Norse god of justice). He lives in New Hampshire. His mom says that right now he's learning that the cats, pigs, and chickens would like him more if he didn't play too rough! He really loves playing outside exploring the woods. We think Seti is also a handsome, handsome little dude!

And then there's sister Acorn! Acorn lives in Canada, eh? She's pretty cute, and keeps her mom hopping! Hey, is she sticking her tongue out at us???

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