Friday, October 16, 2009

Anotha Brotha, Loki

Look, we've heard from Liz and have located The Hawklet's Brother #3! His name is Loki, and he lives in Indiana with Liz and family.
According to Liz, Loki's teeth have a fondness for footwear! Oops, naughty Loki.Loki has a 14 year old Pem sister, and well, you Pem people won't be surprised to hear that sister Maddy is none too fond of the Loki pup! Imagine that!
The first thing I noticed about Loki in this photo is his super fat foot. I love that fat foot. To steal a phrase from my good friend Jacque, I could just eat it with a spoon! Love the fat feet. haa. So thanks Liz for sharing photos of Loki, I hope I'll keep getting more and more photos of ALL the other puppies. Now I just have to track down one more brother and one more sister to have the family all accounted for!
It might just be me, but I'm getting the impression that Loki is one spoiled little guy. I think the cat is trying to tell me something, but if she was blinking an SOS in Morse Code, that doesn't translate well in photos. But I can just imagine him beckoning a human to hurry up and sit down, because he needs a lap for a nap!

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