Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Half Way There...

Oh-Oh, Livin' On a Prayer... oops, sorry, high school flashback to Bon Jovi there.

Well, we're in Memphis, y'all. Hawk and I left Kansas City bound for Orlando this afternoon. I made my reservations for the end of September, since the weather would be cooler. Uh, Kansas City is having record highs, and I watched the forecast for 83 degrees. eeek. Two more degrees and Hawk would likely NOT be flying. Even at 83, it is a concern. But thankfully, Don and Jacque have about everything anyone could think of to make travel with dogs easier. So, this morning I unloaded 5 of my dogs at their house in exchange for an Ice Bed.

Man, that thing is handy. 8 pounds of ice, waterproof material. The QuikTrip let me fill the ice bed from the fountain ice dispenser rather than try to pour a bag of ice into a floppy ice bed. Squeeze the air out, put on the cap, and wrap in a towel. I would venture a guess that Hawk is much cooler than I am at this point!

I want to also say that I'm very happy with NorthWest and the way they have handled Hawk so far. Our first plane was Pinnacle, a Northwest Airlink. I got on board, and asked the attendant if the dog was on board. She says, "Oh, are you Hawk's mom?" OK, since she knew his name, I guess he made it. She wanted to know all about him, and I always cringe when people ask what kind of dog he is. Uh, he's a Swedish Vallhund. Try explaining that in the 2 seconds as you move along down the narrow aisle of an airplane!

So, I arrive in Memphis, and I see the NWA Priority Pet Van picking him up. I got to the next gate, and VOILA! He's in the van, waiting to get on the next plane. Glad to see the little Doodle.

On to Orlando!


The Writer said...

Wow! Long travel! I always worry when we travel with the dogs as well, but must admit that I've never had the courage to fly with them. I admire your courage! Have fun!

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear

coopercreek said...

Yea! You'll soon be there and Hawk and little Frankie can meet. Can't wait to see the pictures. You did remember your camera, didn't you?