Thursday, September 11, 2008

Perhaps a future in modeling?

What a ham! Baby Frankie, 8 weeks old, with the casual over-the-shoulder glance. ha. Cheryl was kind enough to send me new photos, since I'm anxious to see the little man. And thanks to Marie for taking some *really* cute shots like this one!

We are gearing up for our trip to Florida at the end of September. Hawk is going with me, and I'm hopeful to catch some sort of Family Portrait of Hawk, Bitsy, and their Boy. I know, good luck with that!!

Hawk would rather be about anywhere else right now, it's damp, raining constantly, and he is pretty sure he is going to melt. I think having spent his first 10 months in New Mexico, he does not have the appreciation for wet grass that my other dogs have. They love to charge through the grass, spraying water everywhere. Hawk, well, let's just say that my scooping duties include the concrete patio when it's raining in Missouri! Frankie apparently inherited his love for water from his mom Bitsy. He did NOT get it from Hawk, that's for sure. Cheryl says that Franklin goes to the water bowl, walks in with all four feet, and then sits. What a nut!


dreameyce said...

Oh SHOOT he's CUTE! Lookie there! Awwww!

I love the modeling shots! You need pics of him with sports balls, and in uniforms for his portfolio! heehee

coopercreek said...

I can't wait to meet the little ham!!!!

The Writer said...

Hi Sarah,

Please forgive me but I believe I got you and Laura confused in my replys. I sent her a link but addressed her as you and meant to send it to her. (New Blogger network knot!) I'm kind of glad I did though because Hawk is a really cool looking little dog! Very beautiful and looks like he has a wonderful disposition! Hope you don't mind but I'm linking you as well!

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear

Sherilyn said...

Oh, how adorable!!! Is he coming home to live with you? I would LOVE to meet this little guy! :)

Hugs to all!