Friday, September 26, 2008

The RUFF Life in Florida

Hi from Florida! Dis here's Hawk. My mom sorta took over my blog, and I'm takin' it back, at least for today!
Life here in Florida is pretty ruff. You can see in the pikture (dat's me on the right!) wiff da Resident Dogs that we have no fun in this back yard. There are only a few thousand lizards to hunt in the bushes, and we only have about 10 squirrels to chase around the yard at any time of day. sigh. Oh, the pool? You see the pool? Well, those stoopit Sporting Dogs, they just get right in that water. Are they crazy??? I almost drownded the other day when my mom MADE me get in that pool. That's enough for me, no way, no how. NOT going in that pool. So, these other dogs in the pikture, that's Sally on the left. She's a Weimaraner. I like her, cuz she's like the other gray dogs I know. I wag and follow her around, but she won't look at me in the eye. I think she's scared of me, becuz mom sez Sally had a bad life before she got 'dopted. And the fuzzy white dog? That's Candy, and she's pretty cool. She races out of the house to chase something, and I just run to follow. I don't really know what we are chasing, but it's fun to tag along.

Candy isn't really good at sharing, though. I don't normally play wiff toys, but my Gramma showed me a big dog toy, and I tried to pway wiff it. Candy stoled it, and took it away. But I'm not a fighter, so I just looked at her and watched her take away my toy. She took it and put ALL her toys on her bed so I couldn't play wiff them.
So today, we had another BIG adventure. Did you know they have dog shows in Florida??? Well, they do. We went to Dee-Land today to set up for the dog show. I got to see Miss Susan (Susan Line) cuz she was all the way in Florida for her Weimaraner specialty. I luv Miss Susan, she showed me in the group when Miss Sherri took Powell the Cardigan in. She's really nice and she luvs me too!
The best thing of all today is that I got to see Miss Cheryl and Bitsy, and... MY BABY! Frankie is so cute, and we played and pounced, and I can't wait to play with him some more! Here's a couple of piktures of him. Isn't he cute???

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coopercreek said...

Hawk, You make cute babies. Frankie is adorable and he looks like you! Auntie L