Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Did I Do Good, Mom?

Corval's Bless Yer Cot'n Socks - "Darby" smiling after someone told her she's now got 10 points and both majors. Yes, Darby, you did good! Even with the Skyla slobber spiking the fur on your neck, you acted like a real Baby Show Dog, and you did your best. Thanks for behaving on the road to Texas, at the show, riding in the tow truck, hanging out at the car dealership, and then trying your best to behave on the long trek back home. That was a lot to ask of a puppy who just turned 7 months old while we were visiting San Antonio.

The many faces of Darby while waiting on our van at the Lone Star Chrysler dealership in Cleburne, Texas.
1. Cricket Hunter. It was very important work to rid the showroom of a wayward cricket. Darby took this job very seriously. I thought it was ironic when the pest control company arrived an hour later to spray chemicals. I thought their timing was bad, Darby had already done their job for them.
2. Good Sleeper. After hunting crickets and terrorizing the purple lobster for a while, a nap is a good idea for a Baby Show Dog. Darby was very dramatic about laying down frog-dog, then flipping to her side, then stretching all her legs and neck with a groan, and then flopping into sleep. Life would be boring without Darby's antics.
3. Papillon Socializer. We had been waiting at the dealership for almost two hours to hear the verdict on the van. I was starting to get restless, thinking about how many hours I still had to drive to get home, and Darby had used up almost every ounce of good behavior she had in her. Then a lady came in with her Pap puppy (the little blur in the photo!), and it was a much-needed distraction. I made Darby lay down so she didn't smush the little dog, and then the Pap was just dashing around and in front, smacking with her little paws trying to get Darby to play. It was so much fun to watch the pups together and it made everything OK.


Lybertygirl said...

It's a tough job being the "Bug Dog" but someone has to do it! Way to go Darby - 10 points at 7 months - woo hoo!

ocmist said...

You are so CUTE, Miss Darby! Oh, forgot to mention, we loved the hats in the last post!

Good job cricket hunting, too, and we are glad you got a chance to play with another pup for a while. OC and the Corgi Crew