Sunday, July 12, 2009

San Antonio, The Good and the Bad News

The trip to San Antonio was great fun... Until today.

Michelle and Skyla, Hawk, Darby and I all loaded in the van and drove late Thursday night toward San Antonio. We stayed the first night in Waco, and then drove into San Antonio late Friday morning. Vallhunds showed at 3pm, and only Hawk and Darby were entered. They showed well, and Hawk was Best of Breed, and he showed really nice in the group.

Saturday, we had another late ring time. Michelle and I ventured over to the Mercado Mexican Market in the morning, and we strolled down the stone market streets, got a fresh flatbread sandwich from a street vendor, and enjoyed the sounds of street musicians.Oh, and we also promptly bought sombreros for the dogs! Hawk was much more cooperative than Darby for the sombrero modelling.

When the Vallhunds finally showed at 3pm on Saturday, Darby went Winners Bitch for another 2 points. The major broke on Saturday, so no major available. She showed well, and Hawk showed well for me also. He won Best of Breed, and again showed nicely in the group.

Saturday night, Michelle and I walked down to the Riverwalk and ate at The Original Mexican restaurant on the river. It was really nice to experience the city a bit, even though it's stifling hot in Texas!

This morning, Vallhunds showed early, and the bitch major held! So, Darby strutted her stuff, and she won the 3 pt major, and also went BOW. Hawk was Best of Breed again, although we were a circus in the ring. Because Darby likes to race and chase Hawk during BOB (those who saw her in Vermillion and Sedalia know the scene!), today I stayed showing Darby, and I sent Hawk in with Sherri, since he knows her so well and shows great for her. Well, Hawk was looking for me, Darby was looking for Hawk, I was trying to hide from Hawk and keep Darby from looking for Hawk, and Sherri was trying to keep Hawk's yap shut. How we managed to eek out the BOW for Darby and BOB for Hawk, I may never know, but thankfully Hawk got it together to show for Sherri with all his family in the ring with him.

The good news for Darby is that she's got 10 points and both majors, all at the age of 7 months, 1 day old. I'm so proud of how she's adapted to life at our house, and going to dog shows. Hawk is really rusty not having been shown at all this year (other than Westminster), and I haven't shown him in forever, so I was thrilled to win the breed with him the first two days, and I was happy to see him loving being back with Sherri for showing today.

Michelle and I left San Antonio around 1:30 pm and headed back toward Kansas City. Traffic was awful, two lanes of stop/go, stop/go, and then five minutes of normal speeds, then traffic again. We drove for almost 4 hours and still were only about 150 miles north of San Antonio when the car began to have trouble. Thankfully we were right at an exit, and a 7-eleven right at the end of the ramp. Tow service dropped us in a town called Cleburne, Texas, with a Chrysler dealership right down the street. We are settled in at the Days Inn, and I'll have the van looked at first thing in the morning. With 104 degree heat, even the tow driver said it was too dangerous to chance driving farther, because if the van started acting up again, we might be miles from an exit, and things could be worse.

So, think good automotive thoughts for tomorrow, and I'll make a note to self: no more Texas dog shows for me! Two years ago, I had trouble with the old van while driving to the Lubbock shows. ugh.

Off to bed, and will be hoping for good van news in the morning. And another note is that Michelle is such a good sport, and while I'm sorry she's stuck in Texas another day, I'm glad she has been here to help me this weekend, and she definitely is calm in a crisis, something I'm definitely NOT!


coopercreek said...

Darby sure is on a winning streak. Congrats! Sorry about the car trouble. Hope you got it all taken care of today.

P.S. Judith and I were trying to figure out what the orange thing hanging out of Darby's mouth was in the picture you sent to my phone. We thought maybe it was a carrot. LOL. But looking at these bigger pics, I think it's something on the gal's (holding Darby) wrist.

Lybertygirl said...

Way to go Darby! What a Star you are - inside and out!

ocmist said...

Congrats to both Hawk and Darby for doing such a good job at the shows! Love to looks at your pics! OC