Friday, August 14, 2009

Darby- 14 and Counting

Yesterday, Darby pulled off a nice Reserve Winners Bitch win at our National Specialty! I was really proud of her, even though she was tired after winning her class in puppy sweeps, and then she also had to show in Stud Dog with her sister and dad. She was not her usual happy, peppy self, for sure.

But the big news is that Darby was a real Baby Show Dog today, and she had a good time in the ring. She won Winners Bitch. We were thrilled. Then we went in for Best of Breed, and since this is the specialty weekend, we had to wait and wait and wait for the first group of specials, then the second, then finally we all came back in, with 23 Vallhunds entered today.. Darby did great, considering we were hiding from Hawk most of the time. How bad is it when Hawk is in line as the first Special, and Darby is WB? The first time around the ring and here's Hawk behind us. woops.

SO, Darby did great, and when the judge (Jacqueline Stacy) had WD and WB do their down and back and around, she asked the WD to go to the back of the dog line, she said she wanted all the dogs with the other dogs, and the bitch with the other bitches. So I was going to head to the end of the line of the bitch Specials. The judge motioned and said "Bring the puppy and put her at the front of the bitches." I was sure I was not hearing her correctly. But that's what she wanted, and the way it ended up, Darby was not only WB, she went BOW, and BOS over the bitch specials, and ended up winning a 4 point major today! So, now, at the age of 8 months and 5 days old, Darby has 14 points and 3 majors. Oh, that last point, I hope we don't have to chase it around!

I'm sure Darby and Hawk will sleep for a week once we get back home. They've been very busy supervising all of my show chair duties, like goodie bag stuffing and organizing boxes. It's tough work being the show chair's dog!!!

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Dawn said...

How exciting! Congrats and I am guessing you wont have to look to faar for that last point. She is a pretty girl.