Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Office Help

After a long 5 days of dog shows, the last day the Vallhunds showed early in the morning. My office is sort of in between my house and the Topeka show site. So, after we showed, I drove right to the office. It was an unusual 67 degrees and overcast yesterday, so the dogs were fine snoozing in the van with windows and hatch popped. Later in the afternoon, the sun began to peek through the clouds, and I thought it was going to get too warm in the van. I brought the dogs in for an office visit, thinking I would let them visit, then leave and work the rest of the afternoon from home. The dogs were a big hit, and our office is full of Hawk and Darby followers, so the Vallhunds had great fun catching up with all their fans. Once I got back to my desk, both dogs were so good, they just plopped down and didn't make any noise, so I opted to just keep working the rest of the day, and the dogs behaved perfectly!
Hawk was a good boy, and he was virtually unnoticeable sleeping under my desk.

Darby, on the other hand, was content to lay down and snooze, but she needed to be right in the aisle, so that she didn't run the risk of missing out on any potential fun activity!


Colleen said...

Porter recently got to spend a day with me at work and he gets to come in next week too! It is nice having them there...he is like Darby--has to lay out where someone will see him. He gets the most pets that way :).

Good dogs, Hawk and Darby! Maybe you will get to go again!

Colleen and Da Boys

Sarah said...

They hope they get to go again. Office friends have all sorts of good treats, like crackers and granola bars! :-)