Monday, August 24, 2009

This is how it's done.

Sydney, are you watching? That yellow part is not for leaping over, it's like the caution zone, and you are 'sposed to slow it down, sister! I'm just a baby, and I already know how to do it better than Syd.

First, you hafta look both ways. This is very important, you need to be sure no flying Cardigans are going to get in your path.Second, you stop and look up so your mom can get a really cute smiley picture of you. You wait right there til mom says you can go.
The last part is the running off. I like that part, even if Sydney runs right into me sometimes.

My mom got a video of me with my new A-frame ball game. But she was silly, and put it on the Cardigan blog.

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