Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Hawk is a proud dad again! This time he has some red and some stub-tailed babies. A first for the Hawk Man, as Bitsy's pup Frankie was grey and had a full tail, and all of Mele's pups were grey, full tailed babies.
11, count 'em. Nikita (CH Bodatorp Nikita) free-whelped a total of 12 puppies last night. I was talking to her owner, Lori, on the phone last night when there were a total of nine puppies. Then Lori said that she thought Nikita was having another, and out came #10, a boy. Another 20 minutes, and Lori said another was here, but sadly it was stillborn. Five minutes later, #11, another girl, arrived, alive and healthy. Whew, that's a lot of puppies. I finally got off the phone with Lori, and she called me about an hour later and said, "You know how I said I wouldn't call unless there was another puppy?" Well, Nikita had ANOTHER puppy. TWELVE total delivered, ELEVEN living. The breakdown on tail types and colors are as follows:

7 tailed girls (5 red, 2 grey), 2 stub girls (1 red, 1 grey) (the stillborn was a tailed girl)
1 tailed boy (red), 1 stub boy (grey)

Lori was able to take a few pictures last night. Look at that pile o'puppies! What gets me is how happy and refreshed Nikita looks. Shouldn't she be exhausted?
Rotating the puppies so everyone can nurse without competition last night.

Maybe Nikita is just happy she doesn't look like this anymore!


C-Myste said...

Could almost make me want a Vallhund of my own. Almost. . .

curator said...

What lovely, lovely puppies - congratulations, and spoil that hard-working mom!