Monday, November 2, 2009

Photographing Wrestling Vall-Pups

When Vall-pups are playing and wrestling, it's serious business. But first, before getting to the photography portion of our program, doesn't The Hawklet look so grown up in this photo? He hardly looks like a puppy, maybe it's the demonic wrestling side of his ownself taking over!

OK, so the Vall-pup wrestling is serious stuff. They get so wound up, and they always end up jumping into these oval dog beds (thank you Costco!). Whoever makes the first leap into the bed ends up at a total disadvantage, as you can see. Darby didn't stand a chance against The Hawklet. So, I pick up the camera, hoping to get a few shots of them playing but maybe looking at me.

Me: "Puppies, Darby, baby-dog, hello, look at me." (infer high-pitched voice)

Me: "Hey, Darby, look, I have the camera. Hawklet, puppy, here pups."

Me: "Come on you guys, I just want ONE picture, puppy-puppy-puppy"

Me: "OK, then, I guess nobody wants a COOKIE!"
I wish I could express the instant Vallhund reaction where Darby literally flung herself up and tossed The Hawklet off of her and out of the dog bed! And it's a real shame that I was so busy laughing about how quickly Darby was all smiles (and I think The Hawklet is learning the smile too!), the photo is out of focus!


Garrett808 said...

oh my goodness I love the captions. Thank goodness I read the captions BEFORE the photos. Truly a spew alert. Good think I had just swallowed the last of my green tea ;)

they are so fun! Your house would be eerily quiet without them!

stjocorgi said...

Great action series...and The Hawklet is almost unrecognizable from the puppy I met in September.