Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bye Bye Winter Coat

Hi there, handsome. Finally you get to be a post on your own blog again. I missed you last week-you would have loved Montana. But what's going on with your coat? Hmm, usually when I see the first sign of shedding, we start bathing and brushing right away to turn the coat quick. I guess when I'm gone for a week and you decide to blow coat, this is what happens?

Really, I came home from Montana and I noticed Hawk was dropping a lot of hair when he was jumping all over me, bouncing around, barking for my attention. I admit, all the dogs were in need of a bath when I took them over to Jacque's. But I had just put Frontline on, and didn't want to bathe them, and, since they LOVE being "country dogs" out at Jacque's, I knew they would find ways to get as dirty as possible in their big dog yard. So, yesterday was bath day. Eight baths, eight power dries. Oh, my aching back!!!

I did procrastinate Hawk's power dry, though. When I bathed him, nothing seemed too bad. But then I let him shake in the tub, and he instantly became grey and fuzzy. His undercoat seemed to be all on the OUTside! ugh. I knew this was going to be a project. I let him air dry out in the back yard, and then later last night, we went to the front yard for the clean-up.
Hey, this side looks pretty good now. Slightly naked, but pretty, shiny, and sleek! Time to flip around and switch sides...

Yuk. It's funny in these pix you can almost see the dark black line down the center of Hawk's back where the hair is gone from me working on the other side. What a difference! Thankfully, he's almost 6 weeks out from the national specialty, so we have some time to work on new coat!


dreameyce said...

Look at all that beautiful spinning fiber! You can make a Vallhund Afghan in just 2 years!!

ocmist said...

I know how you feel, Hawk, you gorgeous guy! I just had a big grooming session myself (See our blog from last weekend) Lots of extra hair this time of year! OC