Friday, June 19, 2009

Darby's First Show

Whew, this dog show stuff is hard work! Darby was in her first-ever dog show today. She was a little nervous before we went into the ring, but she settled down and showed like a superstar. And at 6 months and 8 days old, baby Darby went WB/BOS for her first 2 points! Our judge was Helen Lee James, and she was really wonderful with the youngsters. She walked up quietly and just scratched the puppies under the chest and talked to them. Another puppy showing today was just 6 months and 18 days old, so I was appreciative of the gentle demeanor for Darby's first outing. I'm really proud of Darby for being such a good sport.

Then we stayed to watch and cheer for the lovely Scout and our Val-friend Bo in the group. After Best in Show, the Southern Swedish Vallhund Club held a match, and guess who won Best Puppy in Match? Yep, the little Muffin Darby came away the winner once again!

Tomorrow and Sunday are majors in Vallhunds, so we'll just see how it goes. I want Darby to enjoy showing and have a great experience, win, lose, or draw.

In other news, I have permission from Garrett to blog that so far this weekend Justice has a WD and a RWD, Ell has a WB (and maybe BOW too?), and the big news is that Mitcham has won WD and BOW for TWO majors so far! Good job baby Mitcham!

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ocmist said...

We are simple Country Corgis here and don't speak Show shorthand, but I gather that you are doing well, Little Miss! Have at 'em and have FUN, girl! OC and Crew