Friday, June 12, 2009

Excuse Me???

Hi! It's me, Darby! I am really excited, because mom says that next week I get to go visit Florida again. The last time I was there, it was winter, and I lived with my brothers and sister. Mom told me this time we are going to go in an airplane, and we will be in Florida after a really short nap. I think that's good, cuz the last trip was really, really long. So mom, what's this funny looking suitcase for? For me? Huh? What do you mean I have to squeeze in there?

OK, so mom says I just have to duck my head a little, like this, and then I will fit really good. So then what? You are going to carry me like a sack of potatoes? And then I have to ride WHERE in the plane? Won't it be dark? And stinky by everyone's feet?

Umm, I think I'm feeling a little sick. I know you said it's a direct flight, and it's only a couple of hours, but still, I think I'm feeling woozy. So remember, those chewies you promise me for the trip had better be REALLY good.

OK, I guess I can take a deep breath and think about this logically. Direct flight, only a couple of hours on the plane, good chewies to occupy me...

On second thought, I'm six months old, so logic isn't in my puppy vocabulary, and I think we have to repeat this whole airplane thing to get back home later. I'm outta here, find yourself some other sucker to stick in this bag!


dreameyce said...

Tee hee

It's OK Darby, if I were to steal you, you'd NEVER have to be stuck in a little bag like that*. You have such a mean Mommy, making you snuggle up to her tennis shoes!

* Except for the flight to Oregon ;0P

Lybertygirl said...

What a hoot - we will be in Florida together!!!!

ocmist said...

Poor little Darby. I think I'd hate that bag, too, BUT at least you get to go with your Mom... I didn't get to go when my Mom flew to her son's... :( OC